Self-Assessment for Climbers

Adapted from Eric J. Hörst, 'Training for Climbing', 3rd Edition, p. 21 ff

To obtain the most accurate result, it is essential that you score each question according to your most recent experiences on the rock.

Pause for a moment and review recent climbs to determine the correct answer for each question.

E: almost always,   D: often,   C: about half the time,   B: seldom,   A: nearly never

In the tab 'Result' you find a chart and table with your results.

Your score

The higher the score, the better. But strive for similar scores on all of the three dimensions.

Low Values

Questions you answered with 'E' or 'D', lowest first.

In the tab 'Download' you can download a report with your results.

Download a Report (PDF)

Please be patient, it takes a while ... Generate report

Now study your table with the lowest values, make some notes and then train smart.